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Herts Summer League Hi all,

Apologises that this was one of the emails you didn’t get.  I am sending again.  Please can you replay asap if this is something that you are interested in entering.

Can you read through and reply just yes or no together with the style of bow you shoot.  If we have a enough for a team I will enter aim4sport. I am arranging the Summer League. The intention is to run it as head-head as per usual, but with the current Covid issues the Recurve will also be a postal this year. With the uncertainty we will not be charging for team enter but will limit enter to a maximum of 2 teams per league. Therefore 2 person teams for Compound, Longbow and Barebow. 3 person Junior (adjustment for bow type will be as per SCAS, so maximum cannot be exceeded) 5 person Recurve. Unless I get many clubs that are unable it will be Short Metric appropriate to age. (if in the early months clubs have a problem with moving bosses, the 2 distances can be shot at different sessions but must be concecutive.

Email me back asap from the button below.

Any questions please shout.   Email Back Yes, No, Bow style.

It is great to be able to write this ezine update at a time archery is beginning to be available again. We join with Club Matters in thanking all volunteers for all you have invested and are continuing to do for your club through this challenging period, and ask you to let us know how your club is doing through the current club survey.

With the official reopening weekend: the Big Reopening only two weeks away, we encourage all clubs to sign up, creatively plan how they will try to reconnect with all members, and prepare to start attracting new members later in the summer in the Big Week and Big Weekend (5-11 July).

Through this crisis, some clubs have reconsidered how their finances are structured, and we point to the latest updates in the Funding pages on Learning Curve.

After such high member engagement with the busy ongoing webinar programme over the last six months, many clubs are emerging out of lockdown with new priorities, ideas, approaches and goals. It may be an ideal time to reconsider your club’s future development and refresh your plan, through the ontarget programme, and specialisms.

There is an update on a new approach for the ontarget club competition, and a change to the ontarget awards which will now be combined with the Annual Archery GB Awards and opened at the Archery GB on 24 April. 

This update goes to ontarget club contacts, but please feel free to forward it onto your members or other clubs if you feel the information is relevant to them and you have the appropriate consent from them.

The Archery GB Participation Team

A huge thank you to you, and all volunteers!

It is great to hear about how so many clubs have kept in contact with all their members through lockdown, and supported them back into shooting wherever possible. Please take a look at this video.

Please also consider sharing this video to thank your club volunteers for all they have done to achieve getting the sport restarted again.

The Big Reopening

We would like to encourage all clubs to sign up for this official reopening weekend. To sign up, the Big Reopening Expression of Interest Form is available here.

The Big Week (5-9 July) and Big Weekend (9-11 July)

Registrations open after the Big Reopening weekend, so please save the date, and begin planning what your club might be able to run to attract new members into the sport. We hoping have-a-go events can resume soon, but otherwise more of a ‘Taster’ style event might be possible for the Big Weekend this year.

There have been two Monday Natters webinars on these events – the Big Weekend in February, and the Big Reopening webinar on 19 April, both available to listen back to on the Archery GB YouTube channel.

Funding support on Learning Curve

Our topics regarding funding and sources have recently been updated on Learning Curve. There are still plenty of sources of funding available to clubs that can be used to cater for a wide variety of needs. Click here for more.

As on ontarget club, you have log-in access for Learning Curve, for two people who are involved in club development, as well as the judges and licenced coaches in your club and certain other key volunteer roles.

We would strongly encourage you to use this forum to access support and connect with the wider archery community across the country in discussions, raising questions, and sharing knowledge. Contact us if you need a reminder of your log-in details.

Club development plan refresh

As we come out of restrictions, what are the priorities for your club, as we look to build an even stronger club network than before Covid? Is it time to refresh your club development plan with your key priorities for the future? Is it time to refresh who the ontarget contact person is for your club through the online portal?

Does your club need to renew your ontarget status, or your ontarget specialism if this has lapsed during the last two years or so? (Check in your club’s ‘Attributes’ page online). Would you value a conversation with a staff member or your Regional Development Officer in going through this process?

The ontarget Club Competition

The first round of this competition would normally be held in April, but it is not appropriate to expect clubs to travel around the country at present, and clubs will need time to get back into competition.

Therefore we invite clubs to form a team(s), shoot the ontarget round at your club anytime during August or before September 27, and submit your scores online later that same day.

We will announce the winners of the competition as part of a larger online event for all ontarget clubs in October. Teams should consist of 4 archers of mixed gender, with either compound & recurve archers, or Longbow & Barebow archers. More details about this competition, entry, and more about the online ontarget event will follow soon.

The ontarget Awards and Archery GB Annual Awards

Through all the challenges there have been incredible efforts by volunteers over the past year to keep the sport going which deserve full recognition and celebration. In 2021, ontarget awards and annual awards are being revamped and combined into one central, new approach from this year onwards, to recognise the incredible work and creativity volunteers are delivering across our sport.

Details are to be confirmed at the Archery GB AGM 24 April. Watch out for how you could make nominations.


Coronavirus Update

As you may be aware, the government have released a new list to which areas are moving tiers.

We (Bedfordshire) have been moved into Tier 3. However, we are still remaining open during this time.

If you have any concerns please contact the shop and someone will be able to help you.

Archery GB Magazine

Check it out on

Dates for the Diary

27th December – Mince Pie Munch

3rd January 2021 – Soup’er Sunday…/aim4sport-ac-indoor…

On these Sundays come and shoot a round either on a 40cm target face for the AGB 300 or shoot a Portsmouth for the Herts/ SCAS/ Virtual league.

Can I have a yes/ no/ maybe, book in the usual sessions.Let me know for catering purposes!

This years charity is

Merry Crimbo!

Gaynor – Chairman

Results for SCAS League

Indoor Inter-Counties Postal League

Hi All

Hope you are all safe and well.

I have waited a little longer before sending out the table so as many as possible could get their results in, and also hoping that the government would have an idea of whether we would be starting after 2 Dec (but they don’t seem to have a clue !!!).

The Individual and Team Results can be found here.

2 points to make

1) the Juniors adjustment is not capped and based on a percentage of the difference for Longbow & Barebow (+40% & +20% respectively ).
Compounds are deduced 5%.

2) as we only had a few days of November shooting, November and December will be joined providing we start back on 3 Dec. So best score for either November or December will be classed as a single month.

All the best
Dave Chudley

Latest Archery GB update regarding COVID-19

  Latest Covid-related restrictions Dear member,

With new and current restrictions in place, we want to make it clear what is and isn’t currently permitted around the UK.

The following details should give a full understanding of what is currently permitted in each home nation:

Wales – From 9 November, the whole country is under national restrictions. There will be a limit of a maximum of 15 people indoors, and a maximum of 30 people outdoors.

Northern Ireland – Restrictions across the country are in force which have been recently extended. Indoor sports are not permitted except for elite athletes. Non-contact sporting activities are permitted outdoors but a limit of 15 people applies.

Scotland – Each area is designated under a five-level system. Members are able to take part in archery outdoors across all levels of the new guidance. Level 3 restricts indoors to U18s only. Level 4 means no indoor archery.

England – After the lockdown, it is likely to return to the tiered levels, which are currently in place. This shouldn’t impact the overall sport from happening, just lack of permitted travel from tier to tier when tier 3 is in play.

Clubs, please note: while Archery GB’s Rebuild Activity Fund is currently paused, please check out other funding options to help support your club through the crisis here.          Winter training and competition plans We all need something to look forward to, and Archery GB has big plans to help members return to the action as soon as possible.

Archery GB is offering a variety of training webinars this winter, ideal for coaches, club committee members, and anyone involved or interested in organising competitions. All bookings are to be made through the members’ online portal

Save the date!
Online Q&A with Archery GB’s CEO and Chair
26 November, 7-8.30pm

Archery GB would like to invite you to our online presentation, focusing on the highlights from this year and plans for 2021. Open to all members, this free online Q&A event will be hosted by Archery GB’s CEO Neil Armitage, and Chair Mark Briegal. 
As with all our webinars, bookings should be made through the members’ online portal under the ‘Courses’ section. The event will be held on the Microsoft Teams platform.
If you would like to submit a question in advance for the CEO and Chair, please do so by Sunday 22 November, to: 

Archery GB has been working on a system within the membership portal to allow Tournament Organisers to register their competition into the diary and pay online.

Please do not add any competitions you have informed Archery GB about with regard to transferring record status fees to 2021. All of the transferred shoots will be uploaded to the system by Archery GB. If you had a refund or want to host another shoot, you must use the new system. PDF/paper applications will no longer be accepted.

To use the system, you will need access to Sport 80 as either an Admin or an Event Administrator. Your club, county or region will be able to change your access if required.

Please see our Handy Guide to Registering Competitions & Record Status here.             Summer metrics success Despite the pandemic’s challenges, archery competitions of various formats did take place this summer, with the necessary safety restrictions in place. Archery GB’s Summer Metrics postal competition came into its own by allowing individuals to compete in their own time, outside of the traditional competition set-up.

Peter Webb (pictured above), a member of Malvern Archers, was one of many to take part. He said: “When I heard about the Archery GB Summer Metrics I wasn’t immediately drawn to it but once I realised it was open to all disciplines and age groups, I became very interested. There was even a Masters age group and being over 50, I knew I had to enter that one! I also noticed quite a few friends had entered scores so that added to the challenge.

“The rules allowed you to enter multiple times with your best score counting for each category. You could also shoot the Short Metric round over two days if needed, which helped due to our current range restrictions at Malvern Archers. The event ran for several months, so there was plenty of time for people to join in and improve their scores. I finished up entering both the Senior Recurve and Master Recurve categories.

“It was easy to enter; you simply completed the online form and installed the Ianseo app. After entering you received a QR code to scan using your mobile device to allow you to set up the round, enter your arrow values and submit your score. The only issue here was that you needed to read the instructions properly to set up the round, otherwise the Ianseo app wouldn’t accept both distances. This did catch one or two people out, including me! Other than that the process was smooth.

“The results were updated regularly on Ianseo, so you could see how you were doing against others. Postal events like the Archery 360 Challenge and Summer Metrics have certainly helped inspire archers and keep a level of competitiveness going during what has been a difficult year. I personally found the Metrics a great motivator and hope to participate again, even if normal shooting resumes. A big thank you to the organisers!”
Click here to find out the results of this year’s Summer Metrics
.         Join the easyfundraising Christmas challenge – your club could win £500! Could your archery club be the highest raising this Christmas? Consider doing all your Christmas shopping through the easyfundaising website or app this year because the Archery GB member club that raises the most in shopping donations between 2 November and 31 December will win a bonus donation of £500! Easyfundraising will also be awarding three spot prizes of £50 in the competition period.

If your club isn’t registered with easyfundraising yet, get started for free here so your club has a chance of winning this great prize.

Last year, almost £1.2m was raised for good causes by people doing their Christmas shopping through the easyfundraising website. As 73%* of UK shoppers say they plan to buy primarily online this year, make sure your club is registered with easyfundraising to take advantage of free donations when your club community shops online with 4,300 big Christmas retailers, including Amazon, eBay, John Lewis, M&S, Sainsbury’s Groceries and more.
Click for *Source data and for T&Cs.         Interested in volunteering? We’re so proud of our archery volunteers and would be lost without their boundless time, energy and enthusiasm, but due to Covid’s impact, many volunteers have had to take time out from the sport or can’t fulfil their usual volunteer roles due to club closures, postponed competitions etc.

We are delighted to launch our volunteer campaign this week and have emailed 1,000 people who expressed an interest in volunteering, to find out more information about them and the volunteer roles they are interested in.

If you are also interested in volunteering in archery, please complete this volunteer survey. We will then use this information to help signpost you to appropriate training and match your volunteering interests to available club opportunities.

If you run a club and need more volunteers, please complete this club survey so we can help match available volunteers to roles you need filling within your club.

To help support our volunteering campaign, we will be profiling volunteers every day, highlighting their different roles, what they do and why they volunteer, so please keep an eye out for articles on our website.

If you would like to thank a particular volunteer or group of volunteers who have gone over and above to help make your archery experience great, please send us an email or a short video explaining how they have supported you to: (Please note, videos should be a maximum of 10 seconds long and filmed in landscape, with clear light and little to no background noise when speaking).           Membership benefits Don’t forget to take advantage of Archery GB’s member benefits, which include everything from guidance and coaching to exclusive discounts on clothing, homeware and Volvo cars.
Click here for the full range of member benefits.     Archery GB regains Cyber Essentials certification for third year running   Archery GB has recently re-gained its Cyber Essentials certification, an effective, government-backed scheme designed to ensure organisations are secure and help protect themselves from common cyber crime. This means that Archery GB’s data is secured by a level of protection that is annually assessed. Archery GB’s IT Systems Manager Robert Potts, said: “It’s great that we have received this re-certification for a third year running, and demonstrates how much we all do on an ongoing basis to ensure our data is held securely, and our systems are effectively managed and protected.”             National Safeguarding Adults Week It’ll soon be Safeguarding Adults Week, a campaign run by the Ann Craft Trust, a leading authority on safeguarding at-risk adults and children. The Week is a time when we can all come together to discuss safeguarding. Everyone, from all walks of life, should be aware of the role they can play in helping to prevent abuse. We should all know how to spot the signs of abuse, and the actions we should take if we do.

Key themes of this year’s campaign will cover:
• Organisational abuse
• Adult grooming
• Safeguarding laws and legislation
• Safeguarding adults in sport and activity

For more information visit:

This year, there will also be a focus on the importance of safeguarding at a grassroots level. Be sure to look out for vulnerable adults, as well as children, at your club. Our fabulous teams of Safeguarding Officers are on hand to help with any queries you may have – you can find out who they are through your club committee or on the club’s website. If you see or hear anything that makes you uncomfortable, don’t shrug it off. Please contact them in the first instance or a member of the club committee, if appropriate. Alternatively, report it to Archery GB’s National Lead Safeguarding Officer, Anne Rook, at or 01952 602792; or to Archery GB’s Safeguarding and Governance Officer, Karen Hodgkiss, at or 01952 602793.           Archery UK magazine The accessible version of the autumn issue of Archery UK is now available on our dedicated magazine page, along with all other versions of the latest magazine, which was published on 19 October, prior to the lockdown announcement for England. 

The winter edition will be published in mid December. Don’t forget to send in any club news and views to      

Check out the Autumn Archery GB Magazine!

AGB Autumn 2020